The Dharma Publishing Bookstore offers a wide variety of books, sacred art, meditation aids, and imports from the Himalayas for anyone interested in Buddhism, or simply in leading a more spiritual life. Proceeds from the store go to help preserve Tibetan culture through a variety of non-profit organizations founded by Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku.

2210 Harold Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
p: (510) 809-1540

Mon – Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sun: Closed

Come Visit for Books, Art,
and Unique Gifts

We offer a range of products including books on meditation, healing, Buddhist translations, and Children’s books.

You may also like to browse our high-quality sacred art reproductions and cards, as well as our imported singing bowls, and other hand-crafted items from the Himalayas.

Other products we carry include:

  • Meditation Cushions
  • Journals / Sketchbooks
  • Children’s Books
  • Ritual Objects (Bells & Dorjes, Offering Bowls, etc.)
  • Ritual Instruments (Drums, Singing Bowls, etc.)
  • Incense
  • Neck and Wrist Malas

Stop in and visit us today, we’d love to meet you!

Books on meditation for all skill levels are available to support your interest.
Translations of ancient texts for study and practice
Enjoy Meditation Cushions, made in the USA, proceeds support the preservation of Tibetan Buddhist sacred texts
Decorative ritual accessories for your home altar and practice space.
Imported ritual instruments and objects for ceremony and ritual observances.
Sacred art from stone carvings to art reproductions for use in meditation and visualization.